Friday, August 21, 2009

What Molly is doing with her degree:

Spraypainting pinnies for our show... and my stencil didn't even work that well! Pathetic.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yay Grady!

Grady and I had our first mini trial this weekend... and Grady won his division!! It's a good thing he's starting to earn his keep considering how much I spent at the tack store today...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ghetto cookout and horse-related injuries

Thursday night, we decided to have a cook out. We set up the grill in the driveway because of the six months worth of hay in the hayloft.

Also, I figured out the initiation for new working students... it involves getting effed up by some horses (and people, haha). Here's the list of injuries from yesterday:
-Grady kicked me
-Baby Mo kicked Emily IN THE FACE
-Kate stepped on my ankle
-Emily accidentally shut my head in the car door

I don't think the last one was part of the initiation, but it's funny, so hey.

And on the plus side, we went for ice cream!

Oh, also, for all you South Carolina people -- it was 79-ish degrees yesterday with a light breeze. Jealous? (Though you probably won't be in a couple months...)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We ain't in Kansas anymore.

So it's day three of my new job, and a busy three days it's been.

I drove up on Saturday with Amber and Margaret. My stuff overflowed onto the roof, even though Rachel and I threw most of our earthly possessions out on Greene Street last week.

Once we got near Lexington, we stopped at Liquor World to buy some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and we found out that in KY, you can buy liquor until midnight FROM A DRIVE THRU WINDOW. Amazing.

Sunday, we got up early to watch the girls show at Masterson Park, a state-sponsored equine facility. I got back to the farm around 4, helped muck some stalls, then slept on a futon, as our apartment was packed to capacity.

Monday was pretty laid-back. Katie and I fed and cleaned stalls, then she taught me how to drive the tractor! I felt like a badass cowgirl. I also got to ride one of Megan's horses, Hopper. Talk about frickin' amazing! Although, after 40 straight minutes of posting trot, I was about ready to die.

Today started out soooo slooooow... but around 2 the rain clouds turned especially ominous and we saw some serious lighting and green tinge to the sky. AHHHH! Torrential rains came a'fallin' (but luckily no tornadoes) and we all spent the afternoon soggy, trying to keep the barn from flooding.

Eventually, though, the clouds cleared, we finished the day and now we're watchin effin' Top Gun.

Pictures on the way!