Sunday, June 20, 2010


I just found a bunch of 13-year-old Molly's mix CDs, back from the days when each song took twenty minutes to download on Napster over your dial-up connection. Here's a taste of what I was listening to during my (in hindsight, extremely awesome) formative years.

1. Lost Prophets - Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja (???)
2. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation
3. The Vapors - Turning Japanese
4. Weird Al - One More Minute
5. Ween - Teenage Dirtbag
6. Tori Amos - Little Plastic Castle
7. Weezer - El Scorcho*
8. Weeer - Undone (Sweater Song)*
9. Violent Femmes - Kiss Off*
10. Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy
11. Our Lady Peace - Clumsy
12. Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon
13. Five for Fighting - Superman**
14. Bush - Glycerine ***
15. Bush/ random artist remix of Glycerine

* Dear Phil Yates, thank you. I would never have figured out how to be this cool on my own.
** Embarrassing!
*** Whatever, Bush is awesome.

This is fun... I might post more. Please don't judge me... I turned out alright in the end.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long time, no see

April and May passed by in a blur of injuries, moving, buying a car, starting a new job, etc. Yep, things are different.

My new address is House of Fang, which delights me to no end. I'm planning on hanging around Lex for a little while... we'll see how it goes.

Right now, I'm trying to pick up gardening. People are surprisingly generous when it comes to giving away plants. Megh and I are hoping to get some day lilies in the ground by tomorrow. See, our neighbors are both landscapers, and our shabby renter's yard is a blight on our otherwise well-manicured street. But we're working on it, we promise.

Truth be told, I'm awful homesick. Hopefully I'll figure out my path soon. Or, a path, anyway. A path lined with decorative plants!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sprang Fevuhhhhhhh

Oh sweet Jesus, it is warm! This means the ponies are all in a good mood, the working students are all in a better mood, and the twelve-hour days begin!

Unfortunately, I have recently lost all motivation to do anything except maybe sit on a porch and drink beer. Or sing show tunes.

We did do some sweet cross-country schooling this weekend... it's amazing how much progress Grady and I have made over the winter! We were jumping the heck out of some Novice stuff on the farm, which is very exciting. I'm hoping the pictures will be posted soon, because I'm telling you... they were big jumps. You will be impressed by our daring.

Blue days, all of them gone...
nothing but blue skies from now on.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ohhhh, also, this is awesome:

Goodness me.

What have we, what have we here... The children have finally come through the wardrobe to defeat the White Witch, and our piles of snow have (almost) gloriously melted! Hurrah! Now on to the season of mud.

We're also waiting to hear how our stallion Ryan is doing after going in for emergency colic surgery early Monday morning... it has been an intense weekend on the farm and I can only hope he recovers well.

Luckily, we have an excellent excuse to go out and make asses of ourselves in Lexington this weekend, so we have that to look forward to at least.

I was thinking about writing an essay about how horses often end up having the same personalities as the men we equestriennes are attracted to, but that seemed like too much effort, and sort of depressing, so maybe I'll do it later.

Until then,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia

It's starting to seem like the farm somehow made its way through the enchanted wardrobe and now we're stuck in eternal winter. What I wanna know is where's my Turkish Delight?!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everyone's Favorite Holiday

I consider myself a conscientious objector when it comes to Valentine's Day, but it is a fun opportunity to make snide cards.

I felt a little caveman-esque doing all of the copy by hand, but it DID make me think about how I wanted it to look BEFORE putting it on the page, which is a valuable skill (and life lesson). *sigh* One day we will be reunited, my sweet, sweet Adobe!

In other news, the weather here sucks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things I Have Been Doing:

Writing silly stories...

Growing flowers...

There has also been a lot of facebook loafing, napping, and compulsive cleaning, but those aren't as easy to take pictures of.

Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 FTW

Whew. I have dropped the ball on this whole blog thing in the past few months, but our new roomie Jenn has one and updates it every day, so I'm feeling inspired to do the same. Well, maybe not every day. But definitely more than once every three months.

I guess I'll start at Christmas break... Went home on December 27 via Greyhound Bus, which is a surprisingly awesome and cheap way to travel. My route went from Lexington to Berea, KY, to Knoxville, TN, then I switched buses and went from Knoxville to Asheville, NC.

My mum picked me up from the station and I spent a few days with her and her new husband, Stan, then drove down to Columbia and spent a lovely few days and EXCELLENT new year's eve with John and Dana. Then I drove up to Greenville to visit Emily and my family. Em and I went wedding dress shopping for her, and then went to a Wasted Wine performance at the Warehouse Theater... most excellent.

Then, after about 5 days and about 5 hours of sleep (total), I drove back to NC, hung out for a bit, and hopped the bus back to ol' Kentucky.

Despite some drama and some sad stuff and some ridiculous work stuff, I'm feeling pretty OK about 2010 so far. I think it's going to be a "growing up" year... about time, I suppose.

Well, anyway, if you have survived my rambling up to this point, I'll go ahead and give you a teaser... Story boards for my silly childrens story "El Bajo" are in the works! I'll post them ASAP.

xo, Molly